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Finch Markets

Finch Markets's Bio:

Finch's Market is the second location of the popular Finch’s Tea & Coffee House on West Pender Street. Like the original location, this space was designed and built by the owners with an amazing attention to detail. Finch's also carry a selection of produce, dry goods and other deli items many of which are used in their menu. The same precision goes into their baguettes which come with layers upon layers of fresh ingredients including: pear, avocado, prosciutto, Gypsy salami, blue brie, Applewood cheddar.


Recent Articles:


Unique Coffee Mgs

Almost everyone at the office drinks something out of their favorite mug weather its coffee, tea or water; they drink it almost every day. Bringing in something from home used at work allot is a reminder of how nice it is to be home and remind yourself as soon as your day is done you will soon be there. Also, many people put coffee or tea in their cups to keep them awake and motivated all day. What could be more fun that taking a unique mug full of drink to work? Read more


Weight Loss – The Soft Drink Diet

In the early ninety’s doctors were beginning to see the growing trend in American’s waist lines. So for a very short period of time they came out on the offensive by promoting better foods to eat. An easy one was endorsing pasta meals. What they failed to mention was the best time to eat pasta and what other things to not eat with it. Thus, fifteen years later, you are twenty percent fatter, and more confused than ever. Pasta by itself is not necessarily the problem, but combine that with soft drinks or wine, then you have the Venus fly trap.  Read more at

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